~ S.T.O.R.Y ~

When it comes to my birthday , so LET START OUR NEW LIFE

Asalamualaikum,Hiii everyone there so a long time ago, I am not updating any latest post about my lifetimes, I miss that, Ermm by the way, let start our entrance of my latest update with Salamun Qhailanmirrabirrahim :)Insha Allah :) Okay, on the past 23rd of November 2013 was my precious date every year, and this time of date became more precious than before because all of my friends at school celebrating it, thanks friends , you guys cant never be replace by anyone else. Finally we end up our school time as highschool students , well finally we made it :) Alhamdulillah. I hope everyone will keep our memories. Yes i do miss everyone, i miss every second of our memories together. Thank you for everyone . hihi so bye. See ya on my next post . Muaah,

 Well muka kepenatan layan kerenah kawan kawan. Thanks to everyone !